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DevNews Edition 16, 2012

Fri Aug 17, 2012, 2:37 PM

Hello Members, Watchers and Visitors,

Welcome to DevNews Edition 16,  2012.

DevNews is a group that aims to promote deviantART's Community by
spreading information about all current and upcoming events that are
relevant to deviants. Through the use of deviantART's News system as
well as Twitter, Email, deviantART Chat and Other online forms we aim to
get news to as many deviants as possible.

Please do add this article to your collection and share with your watchers and friends :highfive:

:new: "Ask Jose" Hosted by PrinceJose

'Ask Jose'Hello Members, Watchers and Visitors,
:new: DevNews is proud to announce "Ask Jose" Hosted by PrinceJose :new:

"Ask Jose" is focused on helping our deviantART Community find answers to their deviantART or deviantART Community related questions. "Ask Jose" is a weekly event that will post within our #DevNews article collection and announcements.
Deviants that wish to participate in "Ask Jose" can send PrinceJose a note with "Ask Jose" in the subject line.
Deviants that wish to remain anonymous may do so by advising PrinceJose within the note.
Thank you,

DevNews Deviant and Group of the month, August 2012.

Deviant and Group of the Month ~ August 2012Hello Members, Watchers and Visitors, 
DevNews is proud to bring you August's Deviant & Group of the Month.
Deviant of the Month ~ August 2012
Each month the DevNews Admin and Staff choose 1 deviant from the community.This deviant has to be an outstanding deviant within the community, someone who caresabout others and the community! Someone we identify as a leader in the community. This deviant can be anyone, anywhere on dA.

This month, we award it to someone we believe is an outstanding deviant within our community!
:spotlight-left: miontre :spotlight-right:
miontre is very active deviant within the deviantART Community. He is a very talented photographer, thoughtful, caring, always positive and willing to help anyone with their deviantART Related questions.
miontre Founder of PhotographersDream

Deviousness Award, August 2012

Deviousness Award Interview with ThiefoworldWhat is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.
The Deviousness Award for August2012 goes to Thiefoworld.
Thank you so much to Oughter for conducting this interview!

So, Don Jon, would you like to tell the world who you are and the things you do IRL and stuff?
Hi! My name is Jonathan but everybody calls me Thiefo, yeah even IRL. I'm a Graphic Designer doing some marketing work for a living. I also do some freelance work as illustrator. I've had the opportunity to work on some independent projects, children's books, mascots and a little concept art. I

A small F.A.Q.Hello dear person who is reading this.
I guess is because lately a lot of new people is visiting me (hi guys! :D) but there are some questions I've been asked a lot lately. A LOT. And even when it doesn't bother me at all to answer these everytime, I figured out I could just make a little journal so hopefully people will look at this before asking (one can dream right? :P)
Why are you a premium member "'till hell freezes over"? How did you obtain such thing?
Staff members and volunteers get a permanent Premium Membership. I was a Community Volunteer a few years ago (a Gallery Moderator as they used to be called then). Said PM remains even when one steps down, hence why I have this status.
As a trivia fact, they're not really endless, they just last for maaany many years ;)
Who made your icon? I've seen others similar before, is there a base of some sort?
My icon was made fo


DeviantMEET in Utrecht![update] heeft iedereen het onthouden?! morgen om 12u is de meeting! :) Als het goed is blijft het morgen droog, maar het wordt niet echt warm (16 tot 17 graden) zorg dus voor warme kleding of een parapluutje, just in case ;)
Hoi Nederlanders! :dummy:
Na een succesvolle meet in Amsterdam, die we samen met europeans hostten, is het weer tijd voor een nieuwe deviantMEET! Zaterdag 15 september is er dus weer een deviantMEET, dit keer in Utrecht! 

De deviantMEET groep van 7 augustus voor het i amsterdam teken op het Museumplein in Amsterdam.
We zullen elkaar treffen om 12:00, voor de Burger King aan het eind van de stationshal, in de buurt bij perron 15.
Als het weer ons gunstig gezind is zullen we naar een nabijgelegen p
'Happy 12th BirthdAy' NYC devMEET Wrap-Up:community: As part of the "closing ceremonies" for :dalogo:'s 12th birthday week, ThisIsNYC held another devMEET in midtown Manhattan. And by numerological coincidence, twelve people showed up! :D
:sun: The weather was nearly perfect: a tad warm and a bit breezy, but nary a raincloud in sight. Deviants started arriving around 1:30, and we kicked things off at 2 p.m. with 'circle time': we sat under the shade of the Time Warner globe in Columbus Circle, trading journals, sketchbooks and real-life stories.
After about an hour, we decided to move things into Central Park; we headed toward The Rocks, and found a relatively quiet stretch of grass and boulders which we claimed as our own. We then ran three contests:
:bulletpurple: A found-art challenge, to come up with something involving the number 12; this was won by FoxyEevee.
:bulletpurple: A created-art challenge, combining the themes 'birthday' and 'outdoors'; thi

New and Noteworthy devious Groups


"Saving Ocean Life Group"
From the Group Info. section: This is a group to get the word out to people about the the many extinct and near extinct living creatures in our vast oceans..From the Starfish to the Blue Whale and all in-between... We take all photos, drawings, writings, movie/video... To help get the word out to the masses..It is also for all who love the Ocean an Mother Natures children of the Sea...
206 DAYS TILL THE END..This is something dear to my heart...
The lives of the Taiji dolphins..
These beings are being slaughtered every year by the thousands..
They are saying 25,000 per year..
It does not matter the age mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, babies none is spared..
They are rounded up in the cove and from Sept 1 through March and are killed by the thousands every day..
I know my friends that it is easier to just stick our heads in the sand and just go about or lives..Out of site out of mind..
But sometimes my friends we must stand up to the injustice in this world..
This is what I'm trying to doing..
By telling you can tell others and so on and so on..So we can get this stopped..
If you only know how wonderful these beings are..What big loving hearts they have even for the human race, who are killing them, how smart they are then you would see them through my eyes..Just touching one will make you understand that is what happened to me..With swimming with them and looking into their e
The Targeted Dolphins in Taiji Dolphin hunts..The targeted dolphin species include:
Striped dolphins
Bottlenose dolphins
Pantropical spotted dolphins
Risso’s dolphins
Pilot whales A tradition to bring a kid into adulthood, Killing a Pilot Whale (
Pilot with a dolphin (
Rough-toothed dolphins

Japan Dolphins Day 2012Friday, August 31, 2012
Please help Celebrate Japan Dolphins Day 2012 at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate near you! TO SEE A FULL LIST OF EVENT CITIES AROUND THE GLOBE, PLEASE CLICK ON THE WORDS "SEE MORE" JUST BELOW.
On August 31, 2012 rallies and peaceful protests will be held in front of Japanese Embassies & Consulates worldwide. The events are to protest the September 1 start of the annual Taiji dolphin cull as seen in the Academy-award winning documentary The Cove. The message is positive: Japan, let the dolphins live & be free!
Will you join us? Will you help lead an event in your community? If so, please send a message to the Adminstrators at Save Misty the Dolphin or leave a note here on the event wall. We will work with you to help set-up your event on facebook, provide on-going technical assistance from now through August 31 & include your event in any official Japan Dolphins Day 2012 communications.
Japan Dolphins Day (JDD) was founded by Ric O'Barry and

devious Groups




New deviantART Thumbnails - Thumb GridHello again, everyone! 
Back in April we launched the new deviantART thumbnails to beta. Over the last few months we've received a great deal of feedback from the community on them. We're always working to ensure that we put out products that are best for our community, and so today we'd like to announce some new options being added to these thumbnails to give you the best browsing experience. 
A Recap
Very quickly, we'd like to recap what the New Thumbnails are, and the feedback we've received on them. We made the decision to change our thumbnails based on a multitude of factors. While the smaller thumbnails did their job, there's always a great deal of room for improvement as we move toward the future and look for better ways to present your art to the deviantART community, and the world. 
To further this, we increased the size of the t


The Free dAvatar Weekly - Issue 84

The Free dAvatar Weekly!
'The Free dAvatar Weekly' is a in-group news article, released once every two weeks. This article not only features a range of free avatars from Free-dAvatars as well as the rest of deviantART, but also tells you about our challenges and the latest community contests.
It is your source for information and inspiration!
The theme of this week is a Burger Menu!
If you have a suggestion for a theme, please leave a comment on this blog.

This Week At Free-dAvatars!
Here are some of the awesome free to use avatars submitted to our group in the last two weeks:

Please :+fav: and follow the artist's


FellArt - A Feature of Fella Related Art [#10]Hey Deviants :dalove:
Some of this art comes from the Fella Fan Art category of the fella galleries, and some other work comes from just from around deviantART! This feature may also come with small contests at times :eyes:
We want to encourage you all to make fella related art and support :fella: :heart: Art that is featured here may have no faves, or 16,000,000 faves! It doesn't matter to us!

Best Wishes,


Feedback Frenzy 01 Winners!Hi, everyone!
We're pleased to announce the results of the first ever Feedback Frenzy competition, held in early July as part of Project Educate's Feedback Week! Did you miss the competition? You can read all about it here!
Thank you for your patience in waiting for the results; we've had a lot of work in figuring out the winners from thousands of critiques! :XD:
We had nearly 2,000 critiques during the event! There were over 160 members who were divided into 40 teams. Between them, there were thousands of deviations to be critiqued! The teams had one week to critique as many deviations as possible-- BUT to do so while maintaining the high standard of quality we are so proud to have here on deviantART!
It's easy to write a lot of comments, but it's difficult to write a lot of phenomenal comments! In scoring, we focused on both quantity and quality of critiques. In


The Monthly 'Winners Package' Results21st of August, 2012 By Missvirginia
If this is your first time seeing the WP, check question and answer 6 in our FAQ to find out more about it.
Below the feature is the results of these contests!
Winners Package Results!
Congratulations to the winners of Byfolket's Contest see full results
:trophy: 1st Place: :iconsunbearable: with
:trophy: 2nd :iconlaisana-and-d


:thumb320849341: Rarer Cat Breeds Profile - AugustGroup Rules & Guidelines | Best of CatCraze | Feline Info Links | Rarer Breeds Profiles | Cat Articles
:star: Rarer Cat Breeds Profile – August :star:
:: Kurilian Bobtail ::
General Description:
The Kurilian Bobtail is a strong cat with a wild appearance, medium to large in size, brawny with strong substantial boning, but despite the Kurilian Bobtails looks they are very gentle. It is one of the thirteen natural breeds of cat recognized by TICA. They have excellent health and a very well balance


Community-Projects role is to be of any support to not just the gallery,
but to you and your community projects online here on deviantART and offline in the world we share.
Run your own Community Project!Edit: I am no longer looking after Community Projects. For now please contact Moonbeam13 instead. If you're interested in this position, see A New Community Volunteer Vacancy :)
Did you know that everyone on deviantART can organise a project? :eager: Some examples of current projects can be found here. Do you want to raise awareness for a cause? Start a contest or group? Make people participate in something fun and artistic? Make it happen!
Now, you can do this all on your own - but the dA staff and volunteers are here to help you with it, too :) This is a major part of my role as Volunteer for Community Projects, in particular. So if you would like some help, please send me, namenotrequired, a note!
Not sure how to organise it? Want some more exposure f


WishingWell WeeklyThe Wishlist | Granted Wishes | Featured Member | Featured Print
Point Features | Well Wishes | Tuesday Treats | Feature Friday | FAQ
Tuesday Treats: SPARKLY!!Tuesday Treats!
i like sparkles on my cupcakes...
Do you like sparkly things? Sometimes sparkles can be overdone, and other times sparkles make an art just perfect. Find you favorite deviation with sparkles and link it in a comment on this blog! One deviation per member please. Each submitted deviation will be added to our gallery! Enjoy and have the best day ever!
Last time, we made some RAGE faces!

Have a suggestion? Just send the group a note with subject of Tuesday Treats Suggestion!

Wonderful WednesdayThe Wishlist | Granted Wishes | Featured Member | Featured Print | Point Features | FAQ
Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Dear Members, Watchers and Visitors
It's the middle of the week again
:dalove: Share the artistic talents of your watchers or friends :dalove:
Here is what you can do to help promote your watchers or friends: 
* Visit your watchers or friends list and pick one from the list
Nomination Station: August (UPDATED)The Noms
Get your fill!
Hi everyone! This is a new monthly blog that will help you in finding and submitting members for Seniority and deviations as DDs! But we can't do it without your help.
:damphyr: Seniority
:iconteaphotography: TeaPhotography
Tea, apart from doing a lot of work for the Shelter Project, an outside DA activity (telling us a lot about her type of personality), is totally UNSTOPABLE... This lady is a BIG soul always helping deviants, encouraging people and giving a hand to ALL AND SUNDRY!!!! I am sure her wonderful "hands and heart" have touched a lot of lives, both at a personal level but also artistically.... Tea is a powerful force in many groups like dAWishingWell, DevNews and right here at deviantHEART! I cannot praise Tea enough... because I am sure her reputation surely follows her, and therefore my words are just what you all know.:iconPrinceFuyu: rioIu
Vincent is a deviant wi


Announcing our Creative Grants recipients!Congratulations to our first-ever Creative Grants recipients!
We're proud to announce that this round's Creative Grants recipients have been chosen! Our Creative Grants Board, comprised of Mollinda, RockstarVanity, and vayabobo, diligently reviewed the applications, and from their top choices, we have determined this round's recipients.  What better day to announce these projects than on deviantART's big 12th birthday celebration?
These talented artists are passionate about their projects, and they've already accomplished so much in their communities without outside funding. We can't wait to see how they flourish after receiving their Creative Grants!
Full Moon Art Appreciation
By dogsofeternity from Dallas, TX
Austin Craver, aka dogsofeternity, has been running an art gallery space in Texas for t


Weekly Hunt #63Every Friday, there will be a 'Hunt' for either the Most or the Least of something or other. It's a weekly (hopefully) fun activity, open to all, that will get you scouring deviantART for the best possible piece that fits the 'Hunt'.
The person who suggests the best piece will get four of their art pieces featured on our page and, in return, the piece itself will also be featured on dAseniors' front page!
Two suggestions are allowed into this folder!
(It will be automatically approved, so make sure you submit wisely. :meditation:)
Last time, we had the Most...
Funny Face
The winner is...

Suggested by WeluDixon
This week our theme is the...
Least Common Tattoo
Happy hunting!!!
:bulletblue: When does it end? Any time next Friday the folder will close, so get your suggestions in before then!
:bulletblue: Have a few theme suggestions?


remARKs in August: New ARK Mentor!It has been a long time coming to have a community-based project that shows just how great deviantART members are to each other. It isn't that we are going to make better deviants. The better deviants are all around us! We just want to showcase them for the world to see!
:damphyr: ARK Mentors
Want to be a mentor? Note deviantHEART!♥ Hardrockangel
:damphyr: Amazing ARKwork

Hardrockangel created this fabulous stamp in support of an amazing deviant, miontre! Stop by and give them both some love!
:damphyr: An Amazing Deviant!
"Hey, buddy! Do you ever lurk on the Today page and welcome new deviants to this website? I do and it makes me really happy that I also help them out in the process!"1LoveDrew is positive force! She takes time out of every day to say HI to all the new deviants who join deviantART.
The Kindness Quilt Community ProjectThe Kindness Quilt is a blanket created from the love of deviants right here on deviantART. This quilt is built upon love, respect and gratitude. Every person has a reason to and a means to create their own quilt square. To say thank you, to share a collaborative work, to show off a gift, commission or request, as a present, or simply as a design. The quilt square is 500x500 pixels, and when included in a completed quilt, can be resized smaller. Quilt squares are submitted to the Quilt Squares gallery.
Quick Links
Download the quilt square

Heart Art Submissions Open!Heart Art Curator Icesis
Submit HeartArt Here
:heart: Heart Art
Submit your 3 most positive deviations to the current Heart Art folder, and you might earn points and features! You have two opportunities each month to participate, once in Week 1 and again in Week 3. Don't delay! Check out the activity guide for more information ♥
:new: Two votes are needed to have your work added to the folder. Please consider what you are submitting. Hearts, smiles, love, happy emotion, laughter, red, etc are just a few of the things you can submit (so many more possibilities), but simply cute or well done submissions that don't appear to be "HeartArt Material" will be declined.
I LOVE: Now ClosedThis project is now closed. Please look forward to other great deviantHEART projects!
February Top 2 LOVE HAPPENS

International FAQ



Obscured Photos: Features .99ObscuredPhotos is a photography group dedicated to exposing obscured (unknown, underappreciated, etc.) photography. It doesn't matter where you are at in terms of skill; if you are underappreciated and you feel you deserve more recognition, you've come to the right place!
This article features all of the deviations submitted for our Themes of the Week. Feel free to have a browse! You never know, but you may find something you like.
Make Money by Jini-EggplantLittle Slugger 1 (updated) by ScatteredAsheFlower for you by jarda13 a glorious dawn by Notasteriotype doomed basil by To0dles Buckling by ArtByASmith If I had Wings to Fly... by Photopathica Took My Call by michaelaforbus
Part of the Body
Sunday is a silent soliloquy. by sophiaazhouScars by Nessie905 Dreaming Sight by Photopathica My Mom's Right Foot by TheMan268 Me and my Daisy by divafica Film - XXXVI - body part by Picture-Bandit:thumb205703660: :thumb260793770: i wear my heart on my hand.. by To0dles I got my hands dirty for you by beautyofdreams :thumb


Project Comment Interviews, Issue 54: KodaRiverProjectComment is a Group of many projects centred around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments. We offer Members of deviantART a lot of opportunities to get comments, give comments, participate in comment projects, win points, get featured and much, much more!
Every two weeks, we will be interviewing commenters and volunteers at ProjectComment, specifically revolving around their life on deviantART and, the purpose of ProjectComment, constructive comments.
We sincerely hope you enjoy reading the fifty-fourth interview of this series with KodaRiver!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My hobbies are Art, Music, and Speedstacking, I like to play with friends in my free time, and my favorite web sites are or
Why are you on deviantART and what makes you stay?
I'm here because


ProjectPorkchop Vol148ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

see more..

see more..
Werewolf - commission. by Avenlay Vamp - commission. by Avenlay
see more..
Transience by ByRkOff Escape to nowhere by ByRkOff h4rd 4nd s0ft by ByRkOff Mazury by ByRkOff
see more..
:thumb299636789: :thumb320440344: :t
ProjectPorkchop Vol149ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

see more..

Suggested by awaicu
see more..
Kong by rsart Rob Machado by rsart
see more..
orgoglio by LUMINIS93 whale-fish-ship by LUMINIS93 elephant teapot by LUMINIS93 wolfhound by LUMINIS93
see more..
Chewed by jamesillustrated :



Solutions Sanctuary



Staff Appreciation Week, August 22 - 28th 2012
August 22 - 28th  2012
:bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletblack:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue]
Welcome to StaffAppreciation!
We are opening our doors for 2012!
A successful deviantART Staff Appreciation Week depends on the help of the community! Care to donate to us? dASAW-Points! Thank you in advance! :D
[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue]
What is this group?
This group is home to the planning committee for the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week. This event is in planning for 201


Featuring August's !RARE! Breed of the MonthInfo, Rules & Guidelines || stopBSL FAQ || The List of Targeted Breeds
The Complete Member List || !RARE! Breed of the Month Features
Welcome to Our !RARE! Breed of the Month Feature!
Previous !RARE! Breeds of the Month
January's !RARE! Breed of the Month
February's !RARE! Breed of the Month


Week 67 - please nominate art into featured!First, let me share some good news with you:
Thank you to all members!!!
And now, the featured works from the previous week:

This is a feature of our members' submissions this week. Every member can nominate ONE picture from these into the to featured folder! Just comment below with your choice! (link is helpful as well)
King Crow by FelicisTreebeard? by montmartre96Work in progress by RathsiValkyrie by RathsiBirds Grove by hontorGreen Tree by ToniTiger415Night Sky Tree by ToniTiger415
:thumb319348400:Lightful moment before night by MishelangelloSun and Tree by aaronsdesignForest golden fish by erzsebet-beast:thumb319


August's Monthly Theme: NONE
September's Monthly Theme: REFLECTIONS IN NATURE
July's Top Subs of Unframed-Nature and News!Welcome to JULY 2012’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.
Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

Since the beginning of January 2012, we’ve grown over 900 Members!
That means, in about 8 months, we’ve grown an average of over 100 Members a month!
:omg: :party: :party: :party: :omg:
So, a GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS!
:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  [:squee:]
Thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting to our Group for a long time now. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. [Aww]
Thank you to ALL the Members who voted on this monthly event!
We completely appreciate you supporting your Group in this particular way. It is so generous of you to take the time to VOTE!  You are wonderful!!
[Clap] [Heart] [Clap]
Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALI
Time to VOTE and Other News!:iconpurpleflowerplz: Voting on Top Submissions of JULY 2012! :iconpurpleflowerplz:
:sun: TIME TO VOTE ON JULY 2012's FOLDERS! :sun:
:eager: :eager: :eager:
~~~ :iconpoppy3plz: ~~~ HOW TO VOTE ~~~ :iconpoppy3plz: ~~~
Most Months, we hold a WHOLE GROUP Membership Voting, and we Welcome our AWESOME MEMBERS/[plus ADMIN.!] to VOTE on what each feel are the TOP Submissions from the Month, out of our Folders!
We believe this is the Group's Group.
You May Vote on:
:bulletpurple: 2 from "Birds, Iverts., Aquatics, Repts., Amphibs. JULY 2012" - HERE:
:bulletpurple: 1 from "Wild Animals JULY 2012" - HERE:
:bulletpurple: 1 OR 2 from "Domestic Mammals JULY 2012" - HERE:
:bulletpurple: 2 from "Nature Much Closer MAY. 2012" - HERE: http://unframed-nature.devi

devious Charities

UPDATES CONT. - Warm Winter Project: 2012UPDATE 9 - As of Sunday, November 25, 2012, I WAS ABLE TO MEET AND PURCHASE MY DONATION GOAL OF 50 HOODIES thanks to deviantART's 30% off Black Friday sale as well as my 10% Premium Member Discount. Congratulations to us and thank you to everyone who helped out!
UPDATE 8 - As of Saturday, November 17, 2012, we are at 125,125 points, with only 34,875 points left to go! I was able to purchase 2,000 points a moment ago to put directly into the pool myself. My original intent was to get 8,000, but I ended up working less than I expected this week and was unable to, but as of my next paycheck (in two weeks), I will be able to purchase 8,000! That will leave us with 26,875. And after TimberClipse's AWESOME point doubler, like the one that helped out and did so amazingly earlier in the year, that will be another 8,000, leaving us with only 18,875! And his doubler is already halfway full with much thanks to rainylake for immediately putting 2,000 points in
RESULTS: 'Warm Winter Project: 2012' ChallangeOn April 17th I started Blurple's 'Warm Winter Project: 2012' Challenge in an effort to collect points on behalf of ToxicAlice92's Warm Winter Project: 2012.
Total Collected:
2,669 x3 = 8,007
But lets round that up to a Grand Total of:
8,500 :points:
Many thanks to the very generous donors! :heart:
Additionally, three donors have been randomly selected to receive 1month Premium Memberships:
DianaGrigore JamminJo AreteEirene
If you have :points: you are willing to donate you may send them direct to ToxicAlice92. She also has a list of deviants collecting on her behalf.

100 Premium Memberships, 63,600 points!I am looking to collect 63,600 points by 25 December 2012!
I am raising 63,600 points to give 100 3-month premium memberships on Christmas Day of 2012, to give a little something back to deviants who give a lot to the community. I cannot do this alone.
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to PrinceJose's page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! :happybounce:
How else can you help besides donating?
To further help the cause, please favourite this news article and feature it in your next journal, poll, and send it to your friends! It will really mean a lot to the future recipients and myself. It doesn't matter how many watchers you have, but I need your help for this to be known to everyone site-wide!
You can also show your support with this stamp!


Commissions Corner

Commission rates (Status:OPEN) 
I am an advanced level designer and coder of deviantART CSS skins. I am open to any kind of coding/designing of skins.
My specialization is in creating sophisticated skins both in terms of functionality and design.
Though I am open for any kind of CSS designing and coding, I am fond of designing/coding modern style skins most of the time.
My Daily Deviations
Journal Skin (Coding)
I can code your journal skin if you have got a design made by yourself or from others.
A journal skin design has to have all the necessary elements that are present in a journal skin. You need to provide me a .PSD file for coding a design with all the elements organized in layers. You need to tell me the font names that you want to use from Google fonts as well.
$7 - $14
Gillian's Journal CommissionsPlease see my front page for current commission slots via the new commission platform, thank you.
:thumb291053890: COMMISSIONS: fem!son character from DQ5 completed!NEWS
Here you are my latest completed commission:

I'm also updating this journal to let my watchers know that I revised some of my prices and moved the commissions list to this status update:)
Furthermore, please remember that I'm still offering a discount on the normal price for the first three people who will commission me digital One Piece fanarts, even if fan-characters!
Only two slots are left, so hurry up if you want a discount!  :eager:
Here you are a couple of my latest completed mask sets, too:

Literature commissions

- Fixed fee (to be paid up front): 10 EUR (general plot and characters study, draft/outline, research);
- Variable fee (to be paid before the final work is sent): 5 EUR / 1000 words (fiction) | 3 EUR / 1000 words (non-fiction);
- Optional fees (to be paid before the final work

BRACE YOURSELFS, COMISSIONS ARE COMING! (sorry xD)So, I got some time to spare and I have currently no work besides the college.
So, anyone who wants a draw for me, be it character design, from games or concept creation, comic pages, portraits of real people, any kind of thing, just give me a call so we can talk on email.
Just send me an email to so we can discuss this stuff.
Don't know if it'll interest anyone at all, but COMISSIONS ARE FINALLY OPEN =D.

:star: Status and 2014 commissions :star:
:star: Visual pricelist :star:
:star: ADULT Visual pricelist :star:
[Star!] Finished commissions [Star!]
[Star!] Adoptables gallery [Star!]

Commission Info - OpenCommissions open for 2.  Trades are friends only and requests are closed.  All info is updated =)
All of my prices with examples are below.  I accept concealed cash or money orders via snail mail, as well as Paypal, but I will not turn down points either.  Commissions are worked on in the order that I received the payment.  Payment must be made up front.  You will be given a sketch of the work being done and that is the only time you can ask for changes.  When I work with traditional media, I cannot change anything once it is lined or coloured.
What information do you need for a commission or trade?
I need:
-References images.  Full body, and clothed.  Unless you are willing to pay extra, I will not draw full nudity.  If you have no references, I need a detailed description to follow.
-Name of the character
-Name of the creator of the character
-Character's age
-A s
Journal Skin Commissions: CLOSEDI'm opening up my journal skin commissions again, because of late - I've been quite happy with my CSS abilities. :love:
Basic Skin: 300 points. :points:
Advanced: 600 points :points:
(Includes sidebars, menus, etc)

Current Specials
:bulletred: Code my Design SPECIAL: 25% off the price if you give me the design! :eager:
:bulletblue: EditPLZ SPECIAL: 50% off if you want an already existing skin of mine edited to your suiting!

:thumb307780062: Super Discount Commissions from an Awesome ArtistOKAY! SO...
Me and :iconkatestrife06: are going to Tokyo in Tulsa in 2 weeks and she needs to make a lot of art in the next few days to sell (bookmarks, keychains, etc)
Here's some examples of her art:
Head and shoulder pics (1.5 x 2.5) for $1 each!  Bookmarks for $2!  And full color pin up pictures for only $5
The only catch is that they have to be things that she can sell at a convention, too.  So, for now, these will be for fanart pieces.  Here are some of the fandoms she wants to work with...
Puella Magi Madoka Magicka
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Legend of Korra
Batman (chibis only)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
League of Legends
Legend of Zelda (?)
Adventure Time
Please help

:thumb271967610: Commissions - ClosedCommissions currently closed. This journal will be updated when they reopen.
2012 commissions 2013 COMMISSION INFO:

1. UnseenVision || paid || fullbody -soft || finished Jan 6th
2. Major-Link || free || fullbody -cell || finished Jan 7th
3. Pronon1990 || paid || fullbody-cell x2 || finished Jan 9th
4. KIxFE-4eva || paid || Pokemon || finished Jan 10th
5. Crash-the-Megaraptor || paid || kneesup -soft || finished Jan11th
6. ZeFrenchM || paid || fullbody-cell || finished Jan 19th
7. Jadesca || paid || chibi || finished Jan 12th
8. ohemgeetragictwist || paid || fullbody cell || finished Jan 12th
9. Jadesca || paid || animal || finished Jan 21st
10. quamp || free || fullbody cell || finished Jan 22nd
11. ZeFrenchM || paid || fullbody-cell || finished Jan 24th
12. shnoogums5060 || paid || fullbody cell || finished Feb 20th
13. Chronophontes || paid || kneesup soft 2v
Comission Information!What I will draw:
:pointr:Anything of any style you ask me to (only traditional). I will just not draw hentai and/or gore.
What you will get:
:pointr:A full-resolution file for any use (except commercial) in any format you want: jpg., png., tiff., etc sent to your e-mail. If you want the
original piece, a separated value for the shipping (around $5 depending on where you live) will be charged.:)
:pointr:Paypal.  Please note :note: me with all the details about the comission, references and general info:hug:
:pointr: my paypal e-mail is
:pointr: If you want to comission me with points, please go to my main page: the comission info will be in the "Comissions" widget.
:pointr: Se você é brasileiro e quiser me comissionar, eu aceito pagamento em reais por depósito bancário (a conversão do valor de dólares para reais será feita de acordo com o câ

Origami CommissionsHello my friends!
I've been meaning to post this journal for a while but have only got to it now. Just to let you know that I am up for COMMISSIONS. Whether you would like something that you've seen in my gallery, or would like to request some exotic origami creation as a decoration/gift/way to give me grey hairs, just shoot me a note and I'll see what I can do.
To date, I have been commissioned to fold:
1) 7 miniature cranes for a to-scale dolls' house
2) A replica wedding bouquet

3) 39 golden animals for a wedding reception
4) A dinky peacock for a university friend
I only do origami commissions and accept payment through PayPal but everything else is negotiable. (Also, am willing to mail stuff to ya wherever you're at, but expect it to cost an arm and a leg if you live in Antarctica. :B)
SO HIT ME. :eager:
Point Commission Prices by qazak
Photo Retouching--Photomanipulation
Restoration of photos--Cd Cover
Book Cover.
-If you are interested in any image you see here,
for a Book
of Cd Cover  contact me.
You can also look at my gallery:


I'm Not Dead + Creative MarketI'm Not Dead, Promise
Wow, I have been so busy as of late that I've had little time to interact on deviantART. Of course, I've been here, stalking you all reading various journals and taking a look at people's deviations when I had the time but it's not really the same, in my opinion.
However, I hope that I can get back on track in the near future! :)
Just in case I have missed an important journal entry or a deviation that you're proud of, be sure to comment and fill me in. :lol: Although I seriously need to get on track of my messages also, as it stands I have:
1 Hot Topic
8,257 deviations
1,013 polls/journals ect.
576 feedback messages
9 notes

Creative Market

Onto the second part of my journal now. I want to introduce everyone to a little site called Creative Market.
Creative Market is a website soon to be launching

Interviews & Editorials

Rising Stars of Photomanipulation Vol. 04.
Names you should know: =sara-hel
The Rising Stars of Photomanipulation series focuses on individuals who are up-and-coming talents in the photomanipulation community. These individuals have been on our site for varying lengths of time and have different styles and tastes in art, but all are developing some pretty awesome skills and deserve your attention.
This week, I am really excited to introduce you to Sara, sara-hel, a Lebanese deviant who has been with our community for 2 years. She excels at many styles of photomanipulation, but for me what stands out about her art is that it is very emotive. When I look at her work, I get drawn into it, as there is always a story or meaning there that makes me want to know more. Also, it has not gone unnoticed that she generously gives back to the community by providing stock and tutorials.
Please enjoy her interview. And, why not take a moment to check out her gallery as well? You won't be disappointed.
Art History - Interview with Lyricanna:iconarthistoryproject: :iconcommunityrelations: 
As part of Graphical Art History Month I will be interviewing some of your Community  Volunteers :aww:
Today it's the lovely Lyricanna - Community Volunteer for Fan Art

Hi Lyricanna, tell us a little about yourself and your style of Art.
Hi, I'm Rhys and when not creating digital dolls, my style runs more towards semi-relaistic-anime mash-up.  I mostly work traditionally since it's just easier for me. 
Also a bit more portable; there are places I can take a pencil and sketchbook that I would not want to take a laptop and tablet :lol:
What is it that attracts you to Graphical Art?
I just like characters; designing, replicating, trying to achieve some meaningful interaction.
How much do you think that the roots and origins of Art affect what we create today?
Quite a bit; there are still many popular s

:thumb318319978: Spotlight Features - Volume 8A news series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.
:+fav: If you like this article, please add it to your favorites to help spread the love for the art and artists within.
Poll Features
A month ago, I posted a poll asking my watchers/visitors to show me 3 artists they felt could use more love.  They *were* allowed to pick themselves, too.  Anyhow, the response was so large that I have to break the feature into two parts.  To see the original poll, click here.
Suggested by: MysteryKittenThe1st
:bulletblue: :iconbblondiegrl07: bblondiegrl07

:bulletblue: :iconBailey-Bales: Bailey-Bales

:bulletblue: :iconsafia123321: Pheasant-Fox


Theme contest winner interviewHey everyone,
So this month is kind of quiet since it's vacation time so the interviews are reeeeeeaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyy late. But here we have one from the theme contest winner MrsGnob
Tell us a bit about yourself like who you are and where you're from.
I'm a cosplayer from Russia. A like everything connected with fashion and sewing stuff.
How long have you been cosplaying?
I began to do cosplay in 2006, and I'm still inspired!
How did you get into cosplay?
We have a lot of events initiated to cosplay. It was fun, so me and my friend decided to try. And that was a lucky idea. )
What is your favorite cosplay?
My favorite cosplay is Yuko. She is a Real Hot Woman, and I feel myself the same. ))
What is your least favorite cosplay?
It is Asthroshe Asran. It was difficult to do that costume in so short time, but I feel satisfied by the result )
What is your fondest cosplay memory?
I remember the time, when being your favorite character was j

Groups Needing Administration Assistance

:thumb314981612: July voting post + looking for contributorsEdit: Hi guys it seems there are problems viewing submissions in our club inbox. I just found out a handful of submissions have expired that I have not seen show up in the submissions box/log. I am terribly sorry for those who had their submissions expire and hope you will resubmit your photo('s). Even with our busy lives we have never let any submissions expire that we knew off so this is quite odd. We will keep an eye on this and should more photo's expire that we never even saw in our submissions que we will send in a bug report to DA. Again sorry and hopefully it won't happen again.
Hi everyone,
This month we're starting this journal off a little differently. We are currently looking for contributors. We just can't keep up at times due to work and school so it would be nice if we didn't really have to worry about the club at those times. The only things you will be doing is accepting pictures and inviting people so you won't have to make the journals or anything it's really quite s

*birthdays seeking volunteersHello, folks!
As a community, we seem to be having more and more notes and birthdays to cover! We're very happy about this! We love all the new members we receive! What this means, however, is we are once again looking to expand the team! The method has change slightly so be sure to read through carefully!
Things to consider before applying
How active are you on dA? Are you on the site nearly every day? We need someone that is around quite often. To begin with at least, you will only be responsible for one day of the week; however, you may be needed to cover other team members if they cannot do their day due to feeling unwell, going away, and so on.
Also, how involved are you within the dA community? We're ideally looking for someone that has a passion for the community and likes to get involved.
Personality matters. You will need to have a good attitude towards deviants you interact with. A friendly and helpful nature is a must. You also need

Contest ~ Challenges, Games & Community Projects

August Contest: Yellow Ending Soon August Theme: Yellow
:new: Just ONE day left! :new:
Over at Still-Life-Stills we're hosting monthly challenges with a regular prize list courtesy of communityrelations! So without further ado let's get onto the rules and regulations (of which there aren't many) of August's contest!
The contest will run from 1st August 2012 until the 31st August 2012.
Entries can be old or new. Please submit your entries to the group gallery found here!
:bulletblack: Entries can be old or new
:bulletblack: The majority of the deviation must be Yellow
:bulletblack: It must fit the rules of Still Life Photography (If in doubt, ask us!)
:bulletblack: You can only enter ONE piece of work!
CONTESTS!Hey, contest-hungry deviants! :)
Sorry for the delay, guys! We'll resume usual sunday updates as we've been doing for the past few months. Thanks for the support!
Be sure to send us the winning entries in the contest, we will show them in the group.
Also, check the :new: tag, as it points you to the newly posted contests.
If you want to send us a contest, please Download Our Contest Format Here or check our main page where the format is provided without a download.
Thanks, and on with the contests!
:bulletred: DTA/Contest :new:
All visual mediums accepted.
A drawing contest for an OC.
1st Place: 1000:points: + 3 fullbody commissions + sketch + llama
2nd Place: 700:points: + 2 fullbody commissions + sketch + llama
3rd Place: 400:points: + 1 fullbody commission + sketch + llama
4th Place: 200:points: + 1 fullbody comission + sketch + llama
5th Place: 100:points: + sketch + llama

sifro. - solve the codes and win points! IMPORTANT: the login into the submmitting system currently doen't work. I'll try to fix it somehow, but until then, the "Try it without login" link still works. If you submit the solution to a cipher, it will give you a link to the next one. It just won't remember your position in the game, so better save that link, or remember the solution so you can get it again.
:new: July/7/2014 - After a year and half, we finally have a next winner! It's Dimensionwalker21, winning 360 points. Congratulations!
Dec/24/2012 - We have a next winner! It's WintersRead, winning 306 points!
Nov/11/2012 - The second winner is nuvak! He generously refused the point reward, so there is still a lot of points in the pool for the next winner!
Oct/12/2012 - We have the first winner! It's ninquetari, who wins 475 points!
The easy day was yesterday! Today, the game begins! And It's just in time for dA's birthday! :D
SMT Persona 3/4 Contest - winners!Winners have been announced. Click here!
In giddiness of Persona 3 getting a movie and Persona 4's fighting game coming out, I am holding a contest!
Draw any character or compilation of characters from any iteration of these two games (including P3 Portable, P4 Arena, etc)
Anyone can enter even if they've never heard of P3/P4. Just pick a character from their Wiki and draw them!
EDIT: You can draw the Personas and/or anything in the Compendium

Relativity Contest - 3 Weeks Left:bulletwhite: Now lit entries can be up to 10,000 words.

:happybounce: Ravenswd and I are proud to announce our 2nd annual Relativity contest!  
The theme this year (overwhelmingly selected by our Watchers) is:
Your Original Character (OC) as a Hero or Villain in the Relativity Universe
Since this is a Relativity contest, simply drawing a picture of your OC as a superhero will not count.  You must incorporate something from Relativity into the piece.  Either another character from the universe or something that is a direct and obvious reference to the world.
ANY of the Relativity characters can be used.  That includes the characters  in or out of costume.  Supporting characters or villains may also be used.
A full list of characters, profile sheets, and references can be found in the RelativityComic Group here --->
Your character can
Away + Premium Membership WinnersThis is Bart reporting from Brazil!:happybounce:
I am here with my girlfriend Gwendolyn12 to spend 3 weeks with her again :love: We did the same in February, the first time we met in person, and both had the best time of our lives. :happycry:
For those interested in what we get up to, watch my scraps. Here I will post photos with stories in the description to keep you all updated :eager:
So during this time, I will be around less than usual. If you have messages, notes, etc pending - I will get to them but notes (and comments right on my page) will get priority.
Thanks for the lots of response on my recent journals by the way - I received dozens of notes from people who want to run a project for example, which is awesome! What a community spirit :party: I'm proud of you. I've gotten back to quite some of you already - if I haven't yet, bear with me, I'll do for you what I can and remember that you're high priority for me :D There's just many and as there's often a lot to di

Creative Art Challenge #15 WaterfallCreative Art Challenge
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #1 - Clean
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #2 - Christmas
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #3 - Gateway
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #4 - Cold
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #5 - Scotland
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #6 - Froud Fae
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #7 - Daenerys
Seven Virtues ContestIn celebration of reaching 1000 watchers I would like to hold a contest, the contest theme will be THE SEVEN VIRTUES.
When Pope Gregory defined the seven deadly sins that we should avoid, he also included a counter-balancing set of values that we should espouse and adopt. These are: Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence, Temperance
This contest will be open to all visual media's and will be judged on originality, execution, technique, impact and the last day for submission will be August 25th
1. Must be a new piece created for this contest
2. Must be submitted before August 25th at midnight
3. You Must link to this journal on your entry
4. Please indicate which virtue you are portraying in your artwork
When you are done your entry, just note me with the link and I will add it to the folder.
1st place
300 points from me and a feature
100 points and a feature from :iconsweedies:
100 points and a feature from :iconkimsol:
2nd place
200 points from me and a featur

Disney-Parkhoppers Big Picture Contest - Last CallThe Big Picture Contest
:new: Last call for entries!  Voting will start on Monday the third, so if you want to enter get your entry in now!
Time for a new contest! This time we'll be looking for entries that show the Big Picture at the parks.
What does that mean? Well, it's the view you get when you step back. I've only been to Walt Disney World, and I often wonder about what things look like at the other parks. I've got a good idea of what individual attractions look like, but not how lands are laid out, or the order of parade floats, or how things fit into their surroundings.  The gallery here is full of all the details, but not the big picture. 
For examples, see our entries!
The Rules
1. Entries must showcase the Big Picture theme and be related to the parks in some way.  We will reject close-ups or deviations that focus on one attraction/character/store/etc., so be sure your entry meets the contest's requirements.
2. Any type of Medium is welcome.
3. Send the c
:thumb303507833: ContestThe Brief:
To use any of the fonts that are currently featured in :iconAwesome-Fonts: to create a stunning piece of work.
Post a link to your contest entry in comments of this blog entry, and please identity they font you used.
Prize: Featured in the next blog entry.
Deadline: Sept. 14th 2012
Have fun showing off your typography skills!
Here are some links for inspiration:

Bring Your Type to Life - A Typography ContestIt is time for another Typography contest! The theme of this contest will be…
Bring your Type to Life
This may sound abstract at first, but to keep the theme as open as possible, I choose a rather abstract title. There are many directions in which you can go. You could choose an anthropomorphic direction, where you breathe life into letters and give them human or other animate characteristics. Another route would be to create the letters out of living objects, such as plants or animals.
Which direction you choose, maybe even a third or fourth one, does not matter. What matters is that your letters are brought to life!
What kind of letters you bring to life, words, glyphs or sentences, is 100% up to you. This contest has a more visual approach, so you will not be judged on the creativity of the meaning you choose to give to the letters. However, don't rush it! Even one letter can appear completely different than another. Be wise with the letters, word
Children's Book Vexel ContestTheme
Do you remember that time when you went to sleep and your parent read you your favourite story?
Imagine that you can go back to those awesome times by creating a cover of your favourite book.
1. All works MUST be vexels. I will NOT accept any photos, photomaniplations, digital drawings, vectors etc. If you're unsure if your entry is a vexel please follow this link: The New Vexel Definition to find out what vexels are.
2. You can NOT trace/copy an existing cover.
3. You can use your own and/or DA stock, as long as you state in art's comment that photos used as stock were yours and/or made by other deviantArt artist.
4. Don't break any DA rules.
5. You can add title/author/any needed text that can be found on covers, it's all up to you!
6. Please include author's name and book's title in your entry's description. This means it has to be an existing

Thursday: Improbable Mission!Welcome to another beautiful Thursday! I hope you've been having a great week so far. :la:
We have the winners from our Reverse Jeopardy contest! Awesome puns and use of words. We enjoyed reading through all the entries!
The top winners are:
:bulletblue: Category: Olympic Sports
Answer: Badminton
Question: Which sport is constantly making a racket?
by aczi16
:bulletblue: Category: Aquatic Life
Answer: Red Snapper
Question: What was an accurate description of the photographer when told to get a real job?
by TheBlueAvenger
:bulletblue: Category: School Subjects
Answer: Algebra
Question: In which subject do we study the subject of zebra and algae breeding?
by miontre
:bulletblue: Category: Villains
Answer: Darth Maul
Question: What tool does a Sith Lord user to split firewood?
by jkrolak
CLOSED - Sun and Moon ContestThis contest is now closed - winners and honourable mentions will be annouced in a week. Good luck to all who entered!
Deviants are encouraged to be creative; as long as the comments explain how the piece links back to one or both of the theme topics (Sun and/or Moon) it will be accepted.
See this journal for examples using a different theme or the bottom of this journal featuring some amazing Sun and Moon deviations to inspire you
There are two categories that you can enter under: Digital Art and Stock. You may enter both categories once.
Each category will have a first, second and third place, as well as 5 honourable mentions from either category. If you wish to donate anything as a prize, please let me know via comment on this journal or via note. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and donators will be featured in a special "Donators Feature" at the end of the contest.
Opening Date: 12th August, 2012
Closing D

When Angels Fly Contest: ClosedI'm going to close the contest at 10:30 AM Central Time  just to give everyone a chance to do last minute touches ;)
Collaboration Contest: Dark Halloween (UPDATE!!)UPDATED DATES AND PRIZES
Hi there :wave:
Sign-ups now CLOSED!
Hello from the admins of TheArtOfManipulation! We would really like to revive the mentoring aspect of our group and we are going to start by having a Collaboration Contest. :happybounce:
How it Will Work
For this contest, two or more artists must team up and collaborate to create an entry. One artist must be at the intermediate/expert level and the other must be a beginner. We (the admins) will decide which class you fall into and assign participants into teams (requests will be considered if there is a specific person with whom you want to partner). We hope that this contest will create new friendships and allow beginning photomanipulators to learn something new =).
The Rules
:bulletblack: You must note the group TheArtOfManipulation no later than September 4, 2012. Title the note "Collab Contest" and

Magic/Dreams/Twisted Fairytales - 4 HOURS LEFT!!!R U L E S
:bulletblue: You have to be a member of the group to enter the contest.
:bulletorange: 2 per person; 1 in each category. You cannot have 2 in 1 category.
:bulletblue: New pieces only (After August 1st)
:bulletorange: No racism, pornography, violence, bashing religions and hentai.
:bulletblue: Photo Manipulations only.
:bulletorange: ALL STOCK MUST BE CREDITED or your entry will be declined. If it is your stock, say so in the Artist's comments.
:bulletblue: You must put in your "Artist's comments"  a link to this journal or the group.
Magic / Dreams was the most voted. But since we've already had both of those as contests before, I'm going to create two categories using the 1st & 2nd most voted:
(click on the category to go to the folder)
Category #1:
Magic / Dreams
Category #2:
Twisted Fairy Tales
Chinese Horoscope Contest- Last Call!One final week to get your submission in before the full moon of August 31st; deadline is midnight August 30th for 
deviantART's Chinese Horoscope Contest!
Find your Chinese Animal Sign, and you've found the Gallery which needs your contribution (if you don't know your Chinese Animal Sign, please check here; you'll find three animal signs in there, primary of which is your DAY sign, but if you'd prefer, work on either your MONTH sign, or YEAR sign, or ALL THREE! You can enter this contest as many times as you'd like, but try to limit yourself to the BEST work you can do, and not the MOST work you can do :giggle: ):

Rat Gallery

Entries will be accepted from August 10, the contest ends on September 15.
:bulletblue: SHOW YOUR IMAGINARY WORLD :bulletblue:
The theme chosen by a poll where all members voted for their favorite
:bulletgreen:The winners will be chosen by judges, administrators of the group:
:iconwhendell: :iconwesley-souza: :iconvaleskamoura: :iconeclipsy: :iconviniciuscarbonera: :iconsamueltd: :iconkuramaphoenix:
and guest judges :icondani-owergoor: :iconlunebleu: :iconpshoudini:

:bulletgreen: PRIZES
:bulletblue: 3 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BY :iconwhendell:
[Bullet; Blue] 1000 POINTS [Points] Donated by= 170 [Points] :iconwhendell: 150 [Points] :iconwesley-souza: , 50 [Points] :iconsamueltd: , 100 [Points] :iconvaleskamoura: , 50 [Points] :iconlunebleu: , 50 [Points] :iconmirellasantana: , 150 [Points] :ic

- Photomanip Contest -Bravery
Start Date: June 26, 2012
End Date: September 15, 2012
Theme: Bravery
Your mission is to create a manipulation that somehow expresses bravery. You will not be given anymore information than that. How you choose to portray it is up to you and only you!
Judging: This contest will be judged by me. I will not accept other judging offers.
I will not be judging by personal preference nor will I choose any "friend" to win. I will be judging based on technique, originality, and effort. I will not go easy on you if you are a beginner, your art will be judged just as fairly as the others.
Sorry guys, I guess I should have added this earlier, but I was being pressured to get off the computer.
> Manipulations only
> Slapping a filter over an image is not acceptable. You must use multiple images
> Any animal may be the subject (I don't care if its a friggin okapi, as long as it fits the theme)
> If I have any suspicion
Another Contest!With our first contest finished, I think this club is starting to get back into the swing of things.  With the winner away on "I don't want to do every part of this myself" leave, Katze316 has been given the opportunity to choose the next contest.  His choice follows, in his own words.
"Sci-Fi vehicles. Not necessarily real ones, like X-Wings and DeLoreans, they can come from your imagination. Some examples would be flying cars, spaceships, mecha, and all other funky-lookin' forms of transport. That should be interesting, provided we get more applications this time :XD:
Same rules apply as last time: It must be built out of only Lego bricks and Lego products. (eg. stickers made by Lego are not bricks, but they're okay.  Stickers, or anything else, not made by Lego are not okay.)
As before, please submit your creation as a note with a link to it.  If you have any questions, please ask away.
CONTEST (My First One...):bulletred: The Heart Of The Cards Stays Alive!
Traditional Drawing only.
Draw Yugi Moto or The Pharaoh from the Battle City Series. Mature Content Not Accepted.
1st Place:100 Favourites + 30 Comments + 1 Llama Badge + deviantWATCH + Invitation To Group
2nd Place: 50 Favourites + 20 Comments + 1 Llama Badge + deviantWATCH
3rd Place: 35 Favourites + 10 Comments + 1 Llama Badge
Deadline: August 21st
This Is My First Time Organizing A Contest, So Don't Put Me Under A Lot Of Pressure.


deviantART Seniors Projects, Spotlights, Information & dALove

 RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE is a new weekly feature to recognize one artist that stands out within our deviantART Community. This deviant must be an outstanding deviant within the community, someone who cares about other deviants and the deviantART Community! This deviant can be anyone, anywhere on deviantART. I believe it is important to recognize outstanding deviants for their time and dedication to our deviantART Community.
RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE VOL 2. Dedicated to TeaPhotography
TeaPhotography helps to administrate several groups Unframed-Nature, PetPicks, CloseToNature, Profits-For-Animals, DevNews, dAWishingWell and several other groups. Additionally, TeaPhotography has successfully run "The Shelter Project-Cats and Dogs" for two years. I truly appreciate all she does to help administrate groups, her dedication to e
dA love for everyone! #22:dalove:         :la:         :dalove:         :la:         :dalove:
As the title suggests, this news article's goal is to spread the dA love into everyone's heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!
Interviewed artist: MzzAzn :iconmzzazn:
:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.
My personality defines me as a person. I believe this is true because no matter what your age, people will remember you by how you act and respond to others.
:bulletyellow: How did you found out about deviantART and why did you join the community?
I was randomly browsing google one day and saw some art I liked and decided to

Four DD's, four stylesSince it's Daily Deviation Week over at Project Educate, I thought it was a good time to share my thoughts on my own DD's. I'm blessed to have received four during my seven years on dA. They are:

While getting a DD is in itself an honour, I feel especially grateful that these four pieces are so well rounded. One is a poem, the next nonfiction, another dA Related and the last, and very recent, is fiction. I feel like this, in a way, validates all my efforts to be a well-rounded writer. While I consider myself to be more of proseist than a poet, and I feel like my best strength is in nonfiction, I have worked to be strong in all areas. While certainly a DD is not the be all and end all of identifying skillful writing, it never-the-less means a lot to me to have these four be so diverse.
So thank you to thorns, :devli
#ProjectEducate and Chat Event!:happybounce: :happybounce:
:star: EDIT: There will be a chat event today hosted by Astralseed in :#CommunityRelations: at 2PM EST :eager: Check out your local time here!
:dummy: :megaphone:
And check out these other great articles posted over the past week:

PE Daily Deviations: What if...? by 3wyl PE Daily Deviations Chat Event by Astralseed
Hey, guys! :D Have you checked out projecteducate? I highly recommend watching the group :la: It's a fabulous group formed by the Community Relations team that aims to promote & support the many communities within deviantART and to to educate us in the many different galleries, communities, and aspects of deviantART! They make amazing and informative articles, interview various artists around dA, and hold contests

Photography Community

Photography Weekly: Edition Thirty FourPhotography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
"One Signature is worth a thousand implied tones..."
-Charles Swan -
Copyright Expert

In the news this week there has been a spotlight on Karren Brady, a photographer who has won a copyright ruling. The news article itself is interesting but the cautions that it turfs up for the future and current generations of photographers are slightly more concerning. The general feeling that has started to develop is that if you have assistance with setting up a shot, making a scene, posing a model and making up a person for example, those people may well have rights to your work. This is also being debated with regards to post-production and if you get somebody else to edit your work. What are your thoughts on this? And when attributing this to the deviantART community, what
Infrared Photography Gallery: Your Thoughts?For some time now there have been calls from the community for an Infrared Gallery as it's becoming a popular technique and often there is confusion over where the work actually belongs. The powers that be have been listening and have decided that it would be really useful to have your feedback as to where this Gallery should go. At the moment, Infrared Photographs are spread across the Photography Galleries from Animals, Plants and Nature to Miscellaneous.
What is Infrared Photography?
gilad explained it quite succinctly over seven years ago now in this journal. Infrared Photography (or IR) shows a magical, thermal type effect of a world that, without specific filters or applications, appears quite normal. It can be achieved using a filter on specific D-SLR cameras or it can be achieved with special films in Analog. This clear technique divis

People and Portraits Exposed #5 Getting your Emotive on!
It's often quite difficult to define emotion in an image. However the Emotive People & Portraits Gallery is all about that. Whether or not you have captured emotion accidentally or on purpose - your work could have a place within the gallery.

Emotive puts a lot of thought and emphasis on the emotion captured in a shot which is quite obvious given the name. However it's not all about being able to see a face with extra focus on eyes, mouth and expression. Sometimes you can capture emotively without that focus.

So to create your emotive shots, your intention must be to delve into your subjects very soul and pull out the emotion through their posture, their expressions and their stance and surroundings to convey what is usually hidden away carefully.
Fashion Friday #15Introduction
My goal is to feature amazingly talented Fashion Photographers & Models every Friday!
Featured Deviant
:spotlight-left: joakimheltne :spotlight-right:

More in his Gallery
Previous Features
simsalabima | ilaschaffer |  

General Photo DD Featues #43General Photography Community Volunteers: Kaz-D , 3wyl & IsacGoulart
Daily Deviations from August 5th - August 11st

S u n r i s e by StFamoussummer relax by wolf-minori 
just a wish. by Sea-of-Ice
Ardmair Evening by Dee-T
5.9 by absentiae
Thunder by annajordanart
frozen Claws of Winter by alexandre-deschaumes
Spin me round by My-Mona-Lisa 
Surfer Patrol by Chacalxxx
Silhouette Love by FabiiKawaii
Nom Nom #13

Ice Cream

People and Portraits Exposed #5 Getting your Emotive on!
It's often quite difficult to define emotion in an image. However the Emotive People & Portraits Gallery is all about that. Whether or not you have captured emotion accidentally or on purpose - your work could have a place within the gallery.

Emotive puts a lot of thought and emphasis on the emotion captured in a shot which is quite obvious given the name. However it's not all about being able to see a face with extra focus on eyes, mouth and expression. Sometimes you can capture emotively without that focus.

So to create your emotive shots, your intention must be to delve into your subjects very soul and pull out the emotion through their posture, their expressions and their stance and surroundings to convey what is usually hidden away carefully.
Photography Weekly: Edition Thirty FivePhotography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
'The day my mother bailed me out of jail she said to me...
 "You Need A New Hobby"'
-Jared Wingate  aka JaredWingate

Recently I started a forum post asking members of the community where they began with Photography. Specifically I asked what your first camera was and what provoked an interest in the hobby. Because for nearly everybody that's exactly how it begins. The response was incredible, however one reply in particular touched me. JaredWingate permitted me to share so here we go...
"I was 21. Just got my first DUI... I wrapped my car around a pole after
leaving a bar late one night. The day my mother bailed me out of jail
she said to me "You Need A New Hobby" she went out and bought me an
Olympus 5mp. Which was mind-blowingly awesome for 2001... She then
suggested I take a trip

Darkroom Exposed: jierumiDarkroom Exposed is a series of articles highlighting talented deviants, noteworthy art and helpful information all about the Photography > Darkroom gallery on dA.
This issue features jierumi, who takes beautiful pictures, primarily on instant film. This is just a sample of what you can find in his gallery...

 translation by jierumi dream recall by jierumi
Stock used in title graphic
007007 by mikm-STOCK
negatives stock 1 by hatestock
Polaroids and Negatives by :devabsinthyium-st
Still Life Stills Features: GreenThe word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, "to grow". It is used to describe plants or the ocean. Sometimes it can also describe someone who is inexperienced, jealous, or sick. In the United States of America, green is a slang term for money, among other things.
Culturally, green has broad and sometimes contradictory meanings. In some cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth, while in others, it is associated with death, sickness, envy, or the devil, or both, depending on the context. The most common associations, however, are found in its ties to nature. Green is also associated with regeneration, fertility and rebirth for its connections to nature.
Full article at Wiki

Literature Community

Daily Literature Deviations for August 12th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Daily Lit Deviations for August 12th, 2012
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your
Daily Literature Deviations for August 13th, 2012                                                                                                                      
Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Grou

Daily Literature Deviations for August 14th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Daily Lit Deviations for August 14th, 2012
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your
Daily Literature Deviations for August 15th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Daily Lit Deviations for August 15th, 2012
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your

Daily Literature Deviations for August 16th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Daily Lit Deviations for August 16th, 2012
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your
Poetry Feast. DD Material VerseMy beautiful friends :blowkiss:
I have always tried to support every poet here on DeviantArt, and always looking for more new poets who need the support of all of us. Been featuring poets and reading many many poems, I discovered that the most beautiful poems are written by those poets that nobody knows about them. 
Amazing concepts, extraordinary imagery, and so much heart and soul.  Each one of the following poems deserves a Daily Deviation any day and most of them are less than 10 fav.  :(
Remember,support the unknown poet. :+fav::+devwatch: and beautiful comments. And, please :+fav: this Journal, so many more can read these amazing poems.

Street Community

TSF: A 'Non-People Street' FeatureStreet Photography:
Non-People Street can be a touchy subject for some 'purists'.
I remember back when I had just started working on TheStreetFactor
and was toying with the idea to include a Non-People Street folder in the gallery.
I was chatting with a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a brilliant Street Photographer.
He found the whole concept absurd:
My purist friend: Non-Human Street?! That's absurd!
Me: How so?
My purist friend: You CANNOT photograph buildings and objects in candid situations for one.
A Street shot without people isn't really considered as Street Photography.

Me: What about HCB? He did a lot of Non-People Street too.
(I didn't know much about  Bresson back then; I was only taking a blind shot in the dark...)
My purist friend: Well, yeah...
Me: Aha!.

It was

Emoticon Community

CR Update icons and Handhelds -- August 2012With dA's birthdAy now behind us, it's time to feature and celebrate the deviants who participated in the shenanigans.
But, of course there will be gallery-news too!
Curious? Then do read on!
DD round-up
I've posted this month's DD round-up, which can be found here.
If you want to revisit the work featured last month, you can check out the round-up of May here.
Congratulations to all those who were featured! :heart:
Articles around deviantART
Celebrating Deviousness August 2012
Pimps and Whoas - August 1, 2012

Photomanipulation Community

Premades and Free Stock: Let's talk.Hello, everyone! :heart:
I'm speaking directly to the photomanipulators now. Let's talk what we can and cannot use as stock. I know there is a lot of confusion because of the reaffirmation (not changing, but reaffirming) of deviantART's policy regarding stock image use. There is also a lot of frustration. I DO NOT WORK FOR dA. I am only a volunteer. But, I am a member of this community, just like you.  
How do you know which stock is okay to use?
I see a huge need/want to know in our community, and I want to address this question thoroughly and with truthful, accurate answers. My sitting here and going, "Well, I wouldn't use morguefile" (just for example) will help no one. I am therefore going to talk to the stock CVs and some copyright folks and, with their permission and guidance, come up with a list of guidelines to use when deciding something is okay as stock, especially where premades are concerned. I will try my best. OK?
In the interim, when it comes to premades
Photomanip News and Feature - 12 AugustHi everyone,
I hope you have enjoyed your week! It's been kind-of quiet around here lately; have you all been at the beach? :XD:
Here is what I know is going on in our community.
Please welcome . . .
Every week we will try to feature a new member of our community. If you know of a new member (who has been here 6 months or less) and want to have a "welcome" feature for them, please note their name to ChisSweetArt.
This week, we are welcoming WriteGirl, Tanya, a writer-turned-manipulator! She has been in our community for about a month, and she has already contributed a great deal through her nicely-developing artistry and inspiring sense of creativity. Here are some of her lovely works for you to admire:

Why not drop by her gallery, leave a comment or two, and welcome her to our community? We've all been new at one point or another, and it's nice to make new friends. :D

deviantART Community Volunteers Projects, Spotlights, Information & dALove

City Strolls: #004Welcome to the fourth edition of City Strolls! This feature showcases some of the best cityscape photography on deviantART!
Today's Stroll: Amsterdam, Netherlands

General Features
Features of deviations posted in the Photography > Urban & Rural > Cityscapes & Skylines gallery in the past week.

Pimps and Whoas - August 15, 2012Pimps
Official dA News
:bulletpurple:  Announcing our Creative Grants recipients
:bulletpurple: Keep Calm and Comic-Con
:bulletpurple: Summer Feature
:bulletpurple: Site Update Visual Refresh
:bulletpurple: "FAQ Revamp Underway
:bulletpurple: FAQ Revamp Project Update pt2

Tales Of The Devious #2

deviantART Spotlight (Collection of HQ News, updates, Community Operations)

Site Update: Thumb Grid to Beta, Redraw ButtonIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
For Beta Testers: Thumb Grid!
Back in April we launched the new deviantART thumbnails to the Beta Testers. Over the last few months we've received a great deal of feedback from the community. We're always working to ensure that we put out products that are best for our community, and so today we'd like to announce some new options being added to these thumbnails to give you the best browsing experience.
FAQ Revamp PT3Another busy week for the FAQ Revamp. Some new FAQs have been added and we removed quite a large number of FAQs, but have no fear the majority of the information removed was actually merged to create more beneficial FAQs or it was completely obsolete. Since the beginning of our project we have removed a total of 42 FAQs and added in 15.
The following are some of the things we have worked on this week.
Under My Account the section "My Earnings" has been added and three brand new FAQs have been created. FAQ 123 has been relocated here.
The deviantART>News section has been completely removed as none of them were relevant anymore
deviantFilm section was reviewed
Merged FAQ 671, 760, 761, 858, 863, 868, 869, 865 into a single FAQ to match up with the Collection Folders equivalent
Mergd FAQ 866 into :faq864:
Merged FAQ 22 into :faq21:
This FAQ was also updated with the most up to date file sources.
Screenshots have been added to :faq6:

FAQ Revamp UnderwayHey deviants!! :wave:
The Help Desk team myself ewm, Ikue, and MidnightExigent have been super busy making sure that all of your General Inquiries and Bug Reports get handled as soon as possible. Our current initial response time is no more than 48 hours this week! We are super pleased to announce that we’ve been doing a lot more than handling tickets lately. We are doing some serious business FAQ Revamping to make sure all FAQs are completely up to date and easy to understand. We are also merging similar FAQs to reduce redundancy to keep the overall FAQ amounts low to ensure it’s easier to find the information you are looking for.
We started the FAQ Revamp last week and we’ve already covered a little over 100 FAQs!! The following FAQ sections are ones we have already tackled or are currently in the process of tackling.
deviantART>About deviantART
deviantART>Browsing & Comments
deviantART>Deviation & Scraps
deviantART>My Account
Mythical Cartography, The Artistry of Maps

:icontechgnotic: by techgnotic

"Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground."—Prof. Albus Dumbledore
Early life becomes an exploration of invisible parameters, circles beyond circles, as one pushes out to test the boundaries of safety. There is one’s bedroom, one’s home, neighborhood, school and town, state and nation. Early on, maps become important documents – declarations of being and rights and privileges. In the art world, throughout history, maps have been a constant measure of human progress, from the Phoenecians recording their trade routes over 2000 years ago, or pre-Columbian times in which map

New deviantART Thumbnails - Thumb GridHello again, everyone! 
Back in April we launched the new deviantART thumbnails to beta. Over the last few months we've received a great deal of feedback from the community on them. We're always working to ensure that we put out products that are best for our community, and so today we'd like to announce some new options being added to these thumbnails to give you the best browsing experience. 
A Recap
Very quickly, we'd like to recap what the New Thumbnails are, and the feedback we've received on them. We made the decision to change our thumbnails based on a multitude of factors. While the smaller thumbnails did their job, there's always a great deal of room for improvement as we move toward the future and look for better ways to present your art to the deviantART community, and the world. 
To further this, we increased the size of the t
Musically Inspired FinalistsFrom our 100 Semi-Fianlists, we are tuned up and ready to announce our top three Musically Inspired Finalists! Our judges grieves05, OnlyTheGoodNotes, and zachb67 were tasked with the grueling job of narrowing down the top 100 most-voted-for Musically Inspired Designs to only three. The three Finalists will each receive an amazing $1,500 cash, 20 T-Shirts with their design printed on them, and -- best of all -- each T-Shirt will be made available exclusively in the deviantART T-Shirts & Gear Shop!
And now, if I may have the envelope please, the Finalists for the Musically Inspired T-Shirt Design Challenge are...

Music In My Soul
by *Qinni

Music Gear Me Up !
by ~doyanadem

by ~sant2

Be sur

deviantART Community Relations

Did You Know? - an overviewFor quite some time now, the Community Relations team has been writing articles called Did You Know?. The articles focus on lesser-known facets of the deviantART website, and aim to educate the community on those specific parts of the website.
To help you find the information you are looking for, we have composed an overview that lists all previous Did You Know? articles and their topics. With every new article we release, we will update the overview, to ensure it remains up-to-date.
As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you.  Let us know your ideas through our :pointr: Feedback fo
Infrared Photography Gallery: Your Thoughts?For some time now there have been calls from the community for an Infrared Gallery as it's becoming a popular technique and often there is confusion over where the work actually belongs. The powers that be have been listening and have decided that it would be really useful to have your feedback as to where this Gallery should go. At the moment, Infrared Photographs are spread across the Photography Galleries from Animals, Plants and Nature to Miscellaneous.
What is Infrared Photography?
gilad explained it quite succinctly over seven years ago now in this journal. Infrared Photography (or IR) shows a magical, thermal type effect of a world that, without specific filters or applications, appears quite normal. It can be achieved using a filter on specific D-SLR cameras or it can be achieved with special films in Analog. This clear technique divis

deviantART Prints Community

FAQ Revamp Pt 4: Prints FAQ MergerHi Everyone!!!
While we didn't get any extra time to focus on updating FAQs this week, we did see a major improvement launch on the Help & FAQ page. We are pleased to announce that the Prints FAQ is no longer separated from the Main FAQ!!! Prior to this change in order to even begin searching for Prints related information you had to click on the Prints section and then you would have the ability to search by keywords for anything related to Prints. To eliminate this problem the Prints FAQ has been merged into the main FAQ system. You can now type in print related keywords into the main FAQ and find all the information you need.
Please note nothing has changed in terms of the organization of the Prints FAQ everything should visually look the same, the only change is that the Main FAQ Search is now able to locate the Prints FAQs.
More updates to come soon :)

deviantART Project Educate

PE Abstract and Surreal: Wrap-upAbstract and Surreal Week - Wrap-up
Introduction: Defining Abstract and Surreal
Interview with =eintoern
Interview with *tuminka
Interview with *KizukiTamura
Interview with *alisinwonder
Interview with *davespertine
The Colour and the Shape
Nature Abstracted
Camera Movement
Multi Exposure
Welcome to Daily Deviations PE WeekWelcome to Daily Deviations week!
Over the course of this week we'll celebrate the positive side of DDs and discuss the negatives, allay some fears, and address some myths in the hopes that all members of dA will have a better understanding of how and why DDs are featured.  We hope that everyone will enjoy what we have prepared for you all as we tried to incorporate the feedback you have so generously given us as we prepared for this week. We hope that we will address your concerns, but feel free to ask questions at any time!
This weeks schedule
Monday AM: Welcome to DD Week - Astralseed
Monday PM: Community Voices: What is a Daily Deviation? - Aeirmid
Tuesday AM: Daily Deviations: The Myth and the Legend - Aeirmid
Tuesday PM: Daily Deviations- So you want to su

Community Voices: What is a Daily Deviation?DDs: The deviantART definition
So, as the title says, What in the world IS a Daily Deviation (DD), anyway?
You know what deviantART says about it, right? Under :faq61: it says:
A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.
That says nothing about a DD being a perfect specimen of art-- in fact, it doesn't even use the word "art" at all. :XD: Basically, as CVs, when we are giving a DD, we are doing so because we think the image is interesting and well-done and deserves your attention. It may be technically exquisite. It may be technically quite good but exceptionally thought-provoking. It may be exceedingly creative. It may be all of these things! Above all else, it should stand out in some way from others in that medium or gallery.
PE: Daily Deviations - The Myth and the LegendDaily Deviations, or DDs . . . for some deviants, receiving one is the epitome of awesomesauce in the deviantART world. For others, they are a nice way to show off the work of lesser-known artists. Still others treat them as a special way to bring attention to great art that exemplifies works being done by a particular gallery or community.
Perhaps because there are so many different ways of conceptualizing DDs, there are also many myths and misconceptions. I would like to address some of those myths by responding to the ones most frequently heard. Please note that these opinions are mine and reflect my experiences with the photomanipulation community, but perhaps they will be informative nevertheless.
Myth 1: DDs should always be perfect.
To many of us, the ideal Daily Deviation goes to an artist with amazing talent whose work draws you in and makes you think, "Wow, everyone needs to see this!" A DD should move you, inspire you, and provoke you to think, b

PE: Tolerance Towards Daily DeviationsIf you're like me, one of the first things you do every morning is turn on the computer to check the DDs for the day, if you make this a habit sooner or later you'll see something featured that you won't like at all, making you spill your morning coffee all over the screen.

Oh the crime! That poor coffee going to waste.
Before you hit the Caps Lock button and begin an essay about the drop of quality of DDs, stop. Take a deep breath, maybe walk around for a bit to cool down, and think about what you're going to do. To begin with, complaining about the DD leaving a comment is extremely disrespectful for the artist because most of the time, they didn't even ask to be featured. Instead, take a moment to consider why was it picked, DDs are chosen for far more than just being visually attractive, as the article Daily Deviations - The Myth and the Legend explained; we often look f
PE DDs: When It's Not Always PositiveWhen DDs Go Awry
Daily Deviations, or “DDs,” are frequently held in very high esteem on deviantART. After all, what artist does not want his or her work displayed for more than 20 million viewers to see and admire? The benefits of receiving a DD feature include increased exposure for your work and a day in the spotlight for you as an artist. Many people therefore view DDs as badges of honor, awards that make them proud and validate the time they spend in our community.
Be careful what you wish for!
Don’t get us wrong-- DDs are wonderful for the purposes listed above. But, they can also bring a lot of drama upon the artist, especially if they are controversial.
Let’s talk about some of the sources of this drama.
The Critic
Some people feel that people who post art-- and especially those whose art is worthy of a Daily Deviation-- should have thick enough skin to accept criticism as well as praise. They argue that criticism is part

PE Interview with DD Suggester Minato-KushinaAs part of Daily Deviations PE week we have interviewed the lovely Minato-Kushina who has been suggesting DDs since November 2010.  She has since then had over 500 suggestions accepted and as a result of her regular suggestions, made her name known on the DD page.
What first got you interested in wanting to suggest DDs?
I don't really remember the exact point when I started paying attention to DDs. I guess, I saw these beautiful pictures at the bottom of my page. Gradually, I understood that they were a kind of "award" for outstanding pieces. I was also wondering how some people could suggest DDs! By searching here and there, I found the way.
I eventually decided to send my first suggestion to rydi1689, the then Fan Art Gallery Moderator. She is so kind, she accepted it immediately! This encouraged me to suggest more and eventually to love this task. I am generally shy with others. So this gesture, although it may seemed normal to her, it was

deviantART Art History

Owl EvolutionAugust is a month of Graphics in ArtHistoryProject. We count in Comics & Cartoons, Anthro, Fan Art and Anime/Manga for this subject and here is a feature of some neat owl Anthro works. Give them your love!

Silver Lining by TenaciousBee:thumb203836438:Sooty Owl Cat by Key-FeathersMy Land... by PepokishInvestigative Journalist by c-t-elder
The genius of Miyazaki - Art HistoryIf you haven't heard his name, you must have heard about at least one of his creations. So, who's Miyazaki? It's easier to say who he's not.

Hayao Miyazaki was born on the 5th of January 1941 in Bunkyo, Tokyo, as a second of four sons. His father was a director in young Miyazaki's uncle's factory producing rudders for fighter planes - this is where Hayao became highly interested in aviation, which often appears in his films.

When Miyazaki was a little kid, his mother suffered from Pott's disease (sort of tuberculosis) and spent a few years in a hospital. Some says that a very similiar motif appearing in "Tonari no Totoro" ("My neighbour Totoro") was strongly inspired by that part of his life. Also, during his childhood, Miyazaki had to change his place of residence and switch schools several times, which influenced his films a lot, too.

Art History: *nheira
khaoskai is a young manga artist living in Japan. His contributions in the manga industry include: Insubstantial Paradise, BLIND, Rasetsu Koku and more.
2012 is khaoskai's 7th year on deviantART - joining way back in 2005. His gallery has received almost 10 million views, which is an accomplishment in itself. 
It's not hard to see why he has so many followers across the globe:

On top of his manga work, he also a guitarist and model for visual-kei and punk fashion. He's also published a light novel called Slutty Guitarist.
Hungarian Comics - From 19th Century till WWIFirst of all, I'd like to say that when I heard that there will be a Graphics week, I was so happy and wanted to write and article about it since I studies Traditional Graphics for 4 years. I had History of Art classes and I had some extra classes from it. I just loved what we studied in school!
The roots of Hungarian comics reach back to the mid 19th century. Until the late 1930s Hungarian comics followed the European trends. Comic strips were generally found in newspapers and magazines, featuring works from both Hungarian and foreign artists. Since comics were so closely bound to the printed media, their creators were mostly caricature artists as well. The years preceding World War II proved to be unfavorable for comics as the mainly Jewish owned yellow press basically disappeared together with comic strips (a great exception were children’s comics).
Interesting note: The Hungarian word for comics is képregény, a combined word  from

Hungarian Comics - Between the two WarsBetween the two wars
First issue of Hári János, with a page of Lyman Young's Tim Tyler's Luck translated as Puskás Pista
The comic strip boom of the USA had a growing effect on Hungarian newspaper publishing until the late thirties. American comics flooded all kinds of newspapers, magazines. Hári János  (1936-1937), a magazine for children is considered to be the first Hungarian comic book magazine, with comic strips on every page. Walt Disney strips, Secret Agent X-9, Little Nemo in Slumberland (Kis Némó Álomországban), George McManus strips and many others marked this period.
Not as many Hungarian comics were made in this period, while – for example – Yugoslavia, the southern neighbor, claims this period to be their Golden Age.
During this period the truncated Hungary was an ally of Germany. In 1937 the Minister of Justice began restricting the great amount of pulp literature and yellow press. I
The Walking Dead comicsDo you feel cosy and comfortable sitting where you're sitting now?
Let's ruin it.

Despite being a story of people who usually make it, The Walking Dead comics aren't that positively oriented. What's positive about a world full of mindless brain-eating zombies with very few living healthy humans left? (Don't answer, I know that for some of you it's a paradise). Come and take a closer look at these comics from a diffrent way than usual.

The basics. The Walking Dead is a black and white monthly comic book series, written by Robert Kirkman and brought to its visual life by Tony Moore. These two guys are the creators of the serie, however, Tony Moore was replaced from issue #7 by Charlie Adlard (which didn't stop him from making the covers through issue #24). And, of course, there's also Cliff Rathburn, who's

Art Features

Feature #2: Costa Rica`s artistsSecond feature of 10 great artists from my country Costa Rica, no specific order, they are all amazing!
1. :iconcbasco: So young and such a talented photographer, i love his photo and tiny subjects.

2. :iconotas32: Very versitile artist, great photos and cartoons

3.:icondiegohc: <3 his style, colors and compositions so much!
Cute Monster Tee 01 by dIeGoHcFight Sword and Sorcery EP by dIeGoHc
4.:iconpetipoa: No words to describe his work. His just epic, im a huge fan.
Kill Bill -geometric poster 1 by petipoaGhibli_ Totoro by petipoabatman bocetos livestream by petipoaHarry Potter by petipoa
5.:iconmapache87: The first thumb of hers is one of my fav paintings of my country fellow artists
Fauna by mapache87Raven ... by mapache87It's a male....I hope by mapache87The Book Collector by mapache87
6.:iconmjsolz: I like her portraits and the color schemes of them xD
7.:icongadeaster: i love his style!
Costa Rica's artistsOn these first edition im going to feature 10 amazing artists (in no especific order, they are all amazing!)  from my lovely country Costa Rica.
1. :iconAvindas: Im featuring her watercolors which i  really love! But shes a multitalented and pretty girl so check more amazing works in digital, linearts, typography and crafts on her gallery.

2. :iconanimatorlu: I met him recently, and i have to say his art is just like him, so stylish and awesome. Love his lines and colors, and all the expressions on his characters.  

3. :iconjmlfreeman: His style is so cute and full of details, his like a beast on vectors i really admire his work.
Ghibli fanart sin terminar by jml2artAmai Cafe portada by jml2art
4. :iconnorthersando: Im a HUGE fan of his work, all of them leave me breathless, so many details, amazing compositions, jawdropping colo
Feature - Celebrating 50 years of Spiderman!August 15 marks the 50th anniversary of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and what better than sharing some cool Spidey deviations to celebrate?  GemGirl3000 was kind enough to pick some awesome pieces for us to enjoy. Without further ado, here's the art!

Happy birthday, Spidey! :spidey: :cake: :party:

WNC - Monthly Feature No. 21Don't forget to :+favlove: this feature if you like it.
You can also "+1" it on Google+
>>> [link] <<<
This is a selection from last month's submissions to
a group dedicated to black and white artwork.
Sit back and take a close look...

at these wonderful works!

your dreams are not forgotten by dchon
sisters by partiallyHere
get born again by AlmAArietisAngels can't come back home... by PajunenSilence In The Wings by silenceinthewings
Drowning In My Life's Pain by Griefy
Weekly Light Hunters Feature #25:iconvenatoreslucis:

woodland princess by AlabamaBallardVetvei by lightnoize
Froth on the daydream _06 by DivinityCreature
The Elephant by bittersweetvenom32.52 - I was here. by OliviaMichalski
Rhino by PatriceChesse
Overflow by Mizth
Monserrate Palace II by UllisesWestmount City Hall by Marouen-Arras

Sorry... just a minute by neghab

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